Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear friends and readers. I can no longer post on Cassiopeiarises as I have forgotten my passwords.
My poems will remain on  this site but I will post on Cassiopeiarisestwo from now on.
Hope that you will find me.

Come read my poems.



mangled oaks of time
shadows hearts that would abide
till death doth come again

By Melanie Bishop

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


can I but revisit
his sweet tenderness of love
wilted this new day

or forever be
just a memory in time
where he cannot see

Melanie Bishop
Sensational Haiku Wednesday 


secret dreams at dusk
dwell they deep within our souls
for none would want such

Melanie Bishop

Dreamless Sea

the sea is weary
its magic sweetness gone now
I must leave this dream

to she who comes next
my time has past forever
my soul longs for sleep

cradled in the deep
the sea will rock me slowly
till I am no more

by Melanie Bishop
One Single Impression

Black Ice

black web woven deep
brittle sounds the sun comes nigh
to warm icy dreams

tiny words
by Melanie Bishop

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Poem For My Three Sons

my son my son
just a little while
just a little while
we shall wake together

I reaching down to hold
your tiny soft hand
so warm and trusting
I lead you forward

still latter my arm wraps  
around your broad shoulders
straight and proud you walk
where is my little man
lets walk a little while

now as I am bent and feeble
your power I hold tight to
you now hold my hand and lead the way
and we walk just a little way

just a little way more.

By Melanie Bishop